Offering an uptime of 99.982% means we need to base all our infrastructure and network topology on top of the line manufacturers and providers.


Racknation DataCenter has an autonomous BGP system (AS 52423) and (AS 264763) offering carrier neutral bandwidth peering with major providers like Cable and Wireless, Telia, Voxility, Tigo, ICE, Ufinet and Dosbuffer ddos protection services. We are among the few DataCenters in the area to have direct layer 2 transport to Miami Equinix MI1 (The Nap of the Americas) where we peer with Tier 1 carriers like Telia. Network protection is possible via BGP peering with major DDos scrubbing centers in Atlanta, Dallas, Virginia and Miami with redundant BGP sessions and anycast announcements for minimizing any down time in case of failure of one of the scrubbing centers. We also have ddos mitigation capacity via our inline RioRey mitigation appliances both in Costa Rica and in Miami via sister company Dosbuffer S.A. All our routing topology makes use of custom made IPSLA scripts and rpm probes to generate a reactive routing platform capable of minimizing impact to our clients. Our physical fiber paths have been contracted to take different routes through the public infrastructure to achieve a higher resiliency in case of any damage in public services.

Switching and Routing

All our internal core switching is composed of fiber optic LC uplinks via redundant lacp bonds between core switching and distribution switching. All switching gear is based on Juniper carrier grade equipment with redundant specs (power supplies, hot standby supervisors) our Core switching is composed of EX9208 and Virtual EX4550 switching, distribution switching via EX4600 gear and TOR (top of rack) switching via EX3400 switches.

All our routing is now based on Juniper gear, we use the MX line of routers, MX480 in our Core and Edge in Miami, MX240 as Core routing in Costa Rica and the MX104 routers as our Edge routing in Costa Rica. All our routing and switching is composed of multiple 10Gbps connections between endpoints.

Network Security

All our Edge traffic is monitored in real time via our inline RioRey RS30 and RX10 appliances monitored 24×7 via our RWeb monitoring platform by our NOC department. All our traffic is also monitored in real time by Sflow and netflow monitorings and reactive scripting programmed to change our routing paths based on live threats like ddos attacks or carrier congestion.

We also use an intelligent routing platform like noction to maintain the best possible routing paths for our clients and achieve the best user experience when hosting your services within our datacenter space.

Intelligent Routing Platform

Reality is, no human being can perform live network analysis like a specialized intelligent routing platform like Noction does. We avoid network congestions and ensure your traffic always uses the best path by the use of Noction IRP. Learn more about Noction at


Server area temperatures are controlled via redundant air conditioning units in n+1  and 2n+1 schemes. We use a mix of in-row cooling and duct cooling using tecnologies by Bard, Stulz and Climate Worx.

Physical Security

Our building is located in San Pedro, San Jose Costa Rica, we offer 4 levels of security: Outdoors security guard, secure Mul-T-Lock main entrance doors, 24×7 armed guard on reception, security cameras and access controls using magnetic cards on server areas.

Rack Enclosures

We offer 48U and 42U rack enclosures by APC , DELL and HP. All Rack enclosures are locked and monitored by Network Operations staff 24×7.


DataCenter electric load is backed up by 3 diesel electric generators with redundant automatic transfers, in case of electrical failure on public services, automatic transfer switches will transfer load to generators in 10 seconds. All servers are protected via n+1 UPS scheme using APC symmettra UPS’s, Eaton and TrippLite modular UPS systems.

Network Information

DataCenter Location: San José, Costa Rica
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2803:6900:533:1:216:3eff:fe8c:e879
Test files: 200MB