Platform as a service

Next generation pay-per-use automated cloud platform with ready to use templates of general use applications like: MySQL Clusters, Wordpress clusters, Magento clusters and many more.

- Easy to deploy!
- Easy to scale!
- Don't worry about an unexpected load, let your platform adapt on its own!
- Same world class infrastructure used in our Hyperflex Cloud

Start setting up your application!

Platform as a service (PAAS)

  • Pay ONLY for the resources you really consume
  • Fast and easy provisioning of containers, clusters or general use apps
  • Automated vertical and horizontal scaling based on your real needs
  • Built-in auto clustering for database as a service and application servers
  • Powerful and intuitive control panel for developers and infrastructure specialists

  • In Virtuozzo Application Platform, every container is divided into granular units called cloudlets, each cloudlet contains 128MiB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU, our PAAS platform measures hourly usage of every cloudlet within each container to request payment ONLY for the used resources.

    You can set a maximum scaling limit for each container, so the resources will always be available in case of sudden or unexpected load spikes or normal business peaks depending on the nature of your business or application.
    Remeber ... your final cost will ONLY include your real usage, we won't charge for idle cloudlets / resources.
Racknation Enterprise Cloud Servers in Costa Rica

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Self Healing

Automatic & transparent VM migration in case of a hypervisor failure where your cloudlet nodes reside

Enterprise grade Storage

Virtuozzo Storage based infrastructure, 3x replication per chunk of data means high resiliency in case of infrastructure failure

Advanced backup options

Acronis Cyber Backup option as an addon product or automatic daily snapshots included with our PAAS

The Managed advantage

Full access to RackNation professional services in order to make sure your business mission critical applications are live 24x7

Advanced Security Options

Expand your PAAS with security addons like ddos protection, advanced email security or advanced monitoring services


Remeber Racknation operates its own DataCenters in San Jose, Costa Rica. CR1 in San Pedro and CR2 in Curridabat

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