News: Cisco to Juniper Migration on Final Stages

Published: 2018-11-08


Our infrastructure staff has been working non stop on the final stages of our Cisco to Juniper Migration, as a last step our rack area number 2 will be moved away from the Cisco 6509E platform to Juniper EX4550 & EX4300 distro cluster.

So far the transition has been transparent to our clients, with the newest Juniper platforms in production we strive to offer more stability and additional redundant paths in our layer 2 internal infrastructure. All our switching platform is based on multiple 10GE & 40GE interfaces between Core and Edge devices assuring zero bottle necks at our switching paths.

We appreciate all the support provided by our clients during this transition, we have invested nearly 400,000K USD in renovating our Core and Edge devices which in conjunctions with our state of the art Juniper MX Core routing ensures your operation will have the stability and resiliency you as a client are expecting from our services.

RackNation Infrastrcuture Department