News: Intel E5620 Dedicated Servers coming our way

Published: 2015-08-24

We are happy to announce that a full batch of Intel E5620 processors is on our way as well as Dell R410 Servers. The Dell R410 provides the option to handle dual or single E5620 processors in a hot swap backplane with 4 drive spaces in LFF ( 3.5 Disks ).

Please remember all our line of SSD Drives is available in the Dell R410.

The Dell R410 provides a intermediate option for critial applications like databases or high resilient environments that require hardware with hot swap capabilities and the reliability of the Dell R series.

Getting a dedicated server in Costa Rica with the full support and stock parts onsite is possible with Racknation, check our dedicated servers line and take advantage of the Dell R410.

Incoming batch of 15 servers , limited stock

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