SSD Linux VPS Servers also in CR2 (Curridabat)

Publicado: 2021-03-10

Our Linux VPS Servers are in great demand, we have seen a surge in orders which has made us extend this great cost effective product to our CR2...

New Linux VPS Servers in Racknation Costa Rica

Publicado: 2020-05-11

We are happy to announce the release of our SSD VPS Servers, this lower cost linux offering includes great performance with 100% SSD Storage based...

New NFS Volumes on Cloud

Publicado: 2020-03-30

Network File Storage is here! ( NFS VOLUMES FOR CLOUD SERVERS )
please notice that as of now you can hire your Flexible Cloud Servers in our Costa...

Cisco to Juniper Migration on Final Stages

Publicado: 2018-11-08

Our infrastructure staff has been working non stop on the final stages of our Cisco to Juniper Migration, as a last step our rack area...

We now accept Dash and Ethereum !

Publicado: 2017-11-20

Dear clients and public in general,
please notice Racknation DataCenter now accepts DASH and ETHEREUM crypto currencies in top of Bitcoin, you can...

Windows 2016 Now Available in our SSD Cloud Platform

Publicado: 2017-08-26

Dear Racknation clients,
we are glad to announce that we now support the latest Windows 2016 operating system on our SSD Cloud Platform, feel free...

More drive options for dedicated servers

Publicado: 2017-08-02

Dear clients, please notice we have added new hard drive options for your dedicated server offerings, now you can select any of the following hard...

DDos protection capacities

Publicado: 2016-03-15

Improved DDos protection Schemes & Capacity
RackNation Costa Rica has decided to expand its DDos protection schemes by adding

Full SSD Cloud now available

Publicado: 2015-11-10

RackNation Costa Rica officially launched its new Cloud deployment based on distributed storage with enterprise Solid State Drives. Among the...

Intel E5620 Dedicated Servers coming our way

Publicado: 2015-08-24

We are happy to announce that a full batch of Intel E5620 processors is on our way as well as Dell R410 Servers. The Dell R410 provides the option...

CentOS 7 Template available as of now

Publicado: 2015-01-19

We are glad to announce that CentOS 7 template is now available in our Cloud Infrastructure.
CentOS is a project that has gained huge success and...

Christmas Special - Dedicated Servers in Costa Rica

Publicado: 2014-12-06

Christmas season is here, the rush to get things done before the holidays has arrived ... all in all, lets enjoy the blessings and union...

Scheduled Maintenance / Mantenimiento Programado

Publicado: 2014-11-08

( Version en Español abajo )
Dear Clients, We will be performing a programmed maintenance window on our Cloud Infrastructure on Friday November...

Yes ... RackNation now accepts bitcoins

Publicado: 2014-07-06

As an offshore data center provider we have been approached constantly by potential customers about Bitcoin payments, the growth bitcoins have seen...

New co-location area ... in the works

Publicado: 2014-04-10

Our new co-location area is on the works; we are working non-stop to have the area equipped and ready into production for May 2014. The new...

Integrated Cpanel Licensing

Publicado: 2014-02-18

As of now, all clients have the ability to purchase and provision Cpanel licenses directly from our control panel automatically and...

Racknation Cloud, Templates de FreePBX y Asterisk disponibles

Publicado: 2014-01-08

Centrales Voz sobre ip en 15 minutos
Su central telefonica virtual en 15 minutos o menos con los precios mas accesibles del mercado con la nube de...

New DataCenter Expansion

Publicado: 2013-10-09

We are pleased to announce to our clients and public in general the new expansion phase that just got started in our datacenter. We are in the...

Nueva Etapa DataCenter

Publicado: 2013-10-09

En RackNation nos complace informales a nuestros clientes y publico en general que hemos iniciado etapa de expansión con la...

Porque la nube de RackNation ?

Publicado: 2013-10-05

Porque la nube? Que es la nube?Todas las nubes son iguales?Porque la nube de RackNation?
Porque la nube, que es la nube?La nube es una opcion...