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Description Price
Hyper Flex Managed Cloud $69.99 USD
vCPU: Free
RAM [GB]: 2048 Free
SSD Storage [GB]: 50 Free
IPv4 Addresses [1 per VM]: Free
Windows Server Licenses [per vCPU] Free
Managed Cloud Pool Basic Pool Management Free
CyberBackup Acronis Space [GB] Free
Uplink per VM in Pool [mbps] 150mbps uplink per VM Free
L3 & L4 DDos Protection Tier 10Gbps L3 & L4 DDos ... Free
VPN Gateway [per seats]: 2 Free
SSH Key [add your public key] Free
IVA @ 13%   $9.10 USD
Total Recurring:
$79.09 USD Monthly

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$79.09 USD

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IPv4 Addresses [1 per VM]


Select number of ipv4 addresses for your pool. IPv6 addresses will be added automatically to your VMs via SLAAC without cost.

Windows Server Licenses [per vCPU]

If you are going to use Windows Server VMs, your Windows Licenses need to be equal to the vCPUs used by all your Windows VMs

Managed Cloud Pool

Basic Pool Management
Advanced Pool Management ( $250.00 USD Monthly )
Enterprise Pool Management ( $1,200.00 USD Monthly )
-Basic Management includes 24x7 support for OS basic support plus 1 hour of professional services per month. Includes 10Gbps of L3 & L4 inline DDos Protection
-Advanced Management includes 24x7 support, DDos protection up to 25Gbps for every ip address under your pool. Includes OS patching per request and up to 5 hours of professional services per month
-Enterprise Management includes 24x7 support, Full acronis Cyber Security and Acronis backups for up to 1TB plus DDos Protection up to 80Gbps for all ip addresses under your pool. Includes automatic OS patching for Windows VMs, Cyber Security endpoint protection plus up to 12 hours of professional services per month.

CyberBackup Acronis Space [GB]

RackNation recommends that you hire backup services for your pool of resources
Select how much backup space you would like to have for your pool of resources
Acronis Licenses are free of cost for our HyperFlex Managed Cloud, you only pay for your storage pricing
Enterprise Pool Management includes backup space up to 1TB, space selected here will be in excess of 1TB in case you are under our Enterprise Pool Management scheme

Uplink per VM in Pool [mbps]

All our HyperFlex VMs include 150mbps uplink ports with a fair usage monthly transfer of 5TB per VM (Soft Cap). If you require to upgrade your VMs default uplink ports please select a speed increase which will apply to the complete ip pool. Our bandwidth is rate limited per outbound IP.

L3 & L4 DDos Protection Tier

Inline DDos mitigation via our Riorey mitigation clusters in Equinix MIA1, Racknation CR1 and Racknation CR2 Datacenters.
Hyperflex managed cloud servers all include up to
10Gbps on the Basic Pool Managent support Tier.
Advanced Pool Management includes 25Gbps of protection
Enterprise Pool Management includes 80Gbps of protection.
DDos protection Tiers can be upgraded on the Basic Management Pool as needed

VPN Gateway [per seats]


Access your environment via OPENVPN with AES-256 encryption in a secure manner for remote administration or for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure).
Great option for work from home environments or with environments with roaming users in need of best in class security.
*Your managed HyperFlex Pool includes 2 users without cost

SSH Key [add your public key]

Enter new key
*Optional: add your public ssh key for remote administration of all Linux Based VMs. Your key can be added to the linux based VMs automatically upon creation

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