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Storage Size [GB]



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Description Price
Flexible Cloud $25.00 USD
vCPU's: 2 Free
RAM Memory [MB]: 2048 Free
Storage Size [GB]: 20 Free
Port Speed [Mbps]: 100 $62.50 USD
Outbound Data Transfer [GB]: 3072 $2.16 USD
IP Addresses: Free
Backup Space [GB]: 20 Free
NAS Storage (NFS) [GB] + Backblaze B2 Free
Windows Licenses (1 per vCpu): Free
R1 CDP Backups None Free
Inline L3 & L4 DDos Protection 1Gbps Layer 3 & 4 DDos ... Free
Managed Cloud Instances Free
IVA @ 13%   $11.66 USD
Total Recurring:
$101.32 USD Monthly

Total Due Today::

$101.32 USD

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Cpanel Licenses

Cpanel Admin Cloud (up to 5 domains)

Port Speed [Mbps]

100 ($ 62.50 USD)

WAN (internet) uplink for your pool of resources

Outbound Data Transfer [GB] *

3072 ($ 2.16 USD)

Outbound included transfer per month

IP Addresses


IPv4 public addresses for your pool

Backup Space [GB]


Native cloud backup snapshots space (needs to be at least equal to your selected storage size)

NAS Storage (NFS) [GB] + Backblaze B2

NFS Gigabit mounted storage on private vlan. Enterprise NAS with 10Gbps connectivity + Seagate IronWolf Pro Drives. Storage is automatically synced to BackBlaze B2.

Windows Licenses (1 per vCpu)

x ( $6.25 USD )
If you will be using our Windows Templates you need 1 license per vCPU

R1 CDP Backups

Advanced backup service that allows granular recovery of files and filesystems

Inline L3 & L4 DDos Protection

DDos protection via inline RioRey mitigation appliance + Edge filtering

Managed Cloud Instances

How many Cloud servers do you require to be managed by Racknation Staff?

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