We understand that not all environments are equal and that you might require a customized solution for your setup, please find below some of the available options.

Managed Load Balancer

A load balancer enables you to divide the load of high traffic websites between different web servers using different techniques like round robin, or round robin with weight.

We offer the option to load balance as many web servers either on plain HTTP or using SSL.

The load balancer solution also offers a hardware acceleration option for high load sites as well as serves the purpose of creating a totally redundant environment in case on of your web servers goes down.

All mission critical websites should take benefit from a load balanced environment.
$40/month per virtual site (includes up to 2 web servers in the back)
$20/month is the cost for extra web servers being added under a virtual site

Please notice the load balanced environment will be limited to the bandwidth hired on your VPS or dedicated server, please consult with us in case you need to upgrade your server bandwidth.

Dedicated Firewall

Some clients have the knowledge and the necessity to manage their own firewalls to have a more granular control of their traffic.

We offer the option to setup your equipment behind a dedicated hardware firewall of your choice, however the recommended
option is the Cisco ASA platform.


$150/month for a Cisco ASA 5505 k9 (limited to 10 servers)
Cisco ASA 5510, 5520, 5540 are available but please consult with sales@rn.cr
Firewalls in high availability mode also available, please email sales@rn.cr for details

Please notice that the prize above includes basic setup to provide you access to your firewall, in the case a client requires Racknation to complete a firewall customization addded cost my apply.
DDos Protection
Some business models and high traffic websites are all prone to DDos attacks, the simple truth is that usually normal webhosting setups are not ready to handle a massive denial of service attack.

In conjunction with international partners we offer a transparent DDos protection starting at 2 Gigabits of protection with added options like man in the middle features like Captha for more complex attacks.

Please email sales@rn.cr for more information.

The setup is easy and you could be up and running in 60 minutes.

Storage Solutions

Idera R1 backup solutions are easy to setup and provide the level of comfort you are looking for your environment, our R1 backup solutions stores your information in a cluster of Synology NAS Servers under Raid Protection.


10GB of total Backup Space: $15/month
Each increment of 10 Gigabytes 120GB total space: $10/month
120GB of total Backup Space: $100/month
200GB of total Backup Space: $140/month
300GB of total Backup Space: $180/month
400GB of total Backup Space: $210/month
500GB of total Backup Space: $250/month
1TB of Total Backup Space: $300/month
3TB of Total Backup Space: $425/month
4TB of Total Backup Space: $500/month