RackNation is the result of over 13 years of experience in data centers, we are a group of IT Professionals with broad experience in networking and systems development. In a market flooded with unpersonalized solutions we strive to offer the best possible support for critical applications in a friendly and professional environment with world class monitoring and controls.

We’ve succeeded in creating a core Noc team, a mixture of experienced and passionate people that understand that the key to success in IT environments is understanding that the learning curve is simply a constant … it will never end.

We are a Costa Rican datacenter servicing businesses in general with a need for dynamic solutions in their IT environments.

You can rely on us, our NOC will make sure your business is always up!

Meet our core team:

Felipe Cruz

Chief technical officer and core network architecture.
Felipe has an engineering degree in computer science and is the founder of Racknation Datacenter.

Harold Flores

NOM (Network Operations Manager).
Harold has a master engineering degree in computer science and is directly involved in our day to day operations and monitoring.

Gabriel Cambronero

Infrastructure Manager

Gabriel joins Racknation after working for a well stablished datacenter in Costa Rica, Gabriel is now in charge of the day to day oversight of all the physical infrastructure layers that compose Racknation mission critical operations.

Fabian Chaves

Network Operations Specialist, over 9 years of experience in server infrastructure.

Alejandro Salazar

Network Operations Specialist.
Alejandro has a master engineering degree in computer science and is actively involved in direct support to our clients.

Fabian Bizama

Network Operations Specialist.
Fabian joined the Racknation team after working over 5+ years in support on a local webhosting firm.

José Mario Guerrero

Network Operations Specialist
Jose Mario joins Racknation in 2019 helping our NOC department day to day client support.

Juan Carlos Padilla

Infrastructure Specialist
Juan Carlos joined RackNation after working on platform monitoring for a well known financial institution.

Jorge Alvarado

Network Operations Specialist
Jorge is a systems engineering student which joined our lines to provide support for our “graveyard” shift, Jorge makes sure our 24×7 support is more than a marketing hype but a reality in every level.

Veronica Cruz

Customer Care & billing.

Andres Boniche

Network Operations Specialist
Andres is a systems engineering student who joins our NOC department on night shift.

Monica Campos

Sales and acquisitions.